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  • Conversation Master Board Game Tournament


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  • Penang Center

    Conversation Master Board Game Club

    One Stop Study Club, Jalan Perak
    Every Friday (8.30pm - 10pm)
    Miss Khor (017-5991088)
    RM 10 per session (member), RM 15 per session (non-member)
    Pingu English Language Centre, Tanjung Tokong
    By arrangement
    Elsie (016-4803498)
    RM 15 per session
    Smart Method Kids, Kuala Lumpur
    Incorporated in Holiday Programme
    Mrs Poh (013-3669127)
    RM 10 per session (member), RM 15 per session (non-member)
    Chrysalis Learning Centre, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas
    By Arrangement
    Crystal (012-4030829)
    RM 10 per session (member), RM 15 per session (non-member)
    Jelutong or Pulau Tikus
    By Arrangement
    Winnie (017-3044357)
    RM 10 per session (member), RM 15 per session (non-member)
    Course Contents

    Board game approach:

  • to train students to speak in proper sentences
  • to correct studentsí grammatical errors in speech
  • to train students to respond to impromptu questions
  • to train players to be confident in speaking in a group. E.g. eye contact, body language
  • to train players to speak with rhythm, diction and interesting voice tone
  • to train students to provide informative and interesting answers
  • to train students to have good understanding of topics given

  • Founder of the Club /
    Inventor / Author : Winnie Toh
    Check out some of the pictures of the kids having fun playing:

    So you have bought the board game and do not know how to play? Join our Conversation Master Board Game Club. We will guide you along. Suggested answers will be given in the course.

    **** We train your child to be all-arounded person. What is more? This is an Extra Curriculum activity that your child can talk about when asked what club he joins out there i.e. being a member of Conversation Master Club. Isnít that something outstanding?

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