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“We ran the holiday programme using your board game. The kids love it and they are really good in playing. They love the card with the Monkey.”
- Elsie Chang (Pingu English Center)
“My child enjoyed it, very challenging, look forward to the next game and was hoping to get a prize each time.”
-A parent from Pingu English Center
“My dad who teaches English tried the board game on his students and he enjoys it and the kids love it too.”
- Peter Eoh (Agilent Technologies)
“The parents told me that after the purchase of the board game, as soon as the kids arrived home, they started playing amongst the siblings and enjoyed it.”
- Doreen Khor (One Stop Study Club)
“My younger son likes pressing the bell in the game. He just likes to play with the sound ‘ting ting ting ting ting’. I will ask my elder son to bring to his church to play with his church friends.”
- Alice Tan (Great Eastern Life Assurance(M) Bhd.)
“I use your board games to get potential distributors to sign up for Score A programme. There is a mother who signed up because of the free gift.”
- Amy Poh (Smart Method Kids Centre)
“…The most interesting part was the board game workshop. It trains us to elaborate our speeches. Although my spoken English is not fluent, it drills me to speak up in English because in the game there is a rule that if we speak in other dialects, marks will be deducted.”
- Colene Teoh (Winnie’s Student & University Graduate)
“.. I learn to respond fast from playing the Conversation Master Board game. For those who haven’t played before, come and experience the fun yourself!”
- Tan Ai Teng (Winnie’s Student & AmBank Group)
“The Conversation Master Board Game is very useful for school going children. It is a very good educational game for them to improve their English at the same time to have fun while playing. While playing, it can also improve their English especially in their conversation. Very useful to those children who always converse in their mother tongue and very seldom or not at all converse in English.

This Conversation Master Board Game gives them an opportunity to converse in English and surely in this way their Spoken English will improve and also to build up their confidence to speak, talk and communicate in English. A lot of time they dare not speak in English because they have no confidence at all. They are afraid that people may laugh at them because their English are poor. The Conversation Master Board Game trains students to speak clearly and with the correct grammar. "
- Benjamin Smith
(testimony received via email)
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