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Why Join?


Networking Our organisation serves as an interface between the group members and their new friends, business associates and potential customers. We try to integrate and link various members in groups through playing the “Conversation Master” board games.

Create a new trend

The advent of our club is to create a new social trend which is based on a “contempary” board game concept. Have you ever thought of playing a board game with friends in the park, college canteen, Starbuck or even in a Karaoke private room?

In Asian countries, we are seeing people living the same monotonous, repetitive and banal lifestyle everyday. In overseas countries, there are a lot of activities to watch everywhere. For example, during summer time in the park, you see lecturers teaching a group of students in the garden, couples drawing in the park, young lads skating on the streets. People are striving to live a very diverse, happening and extra ordinary lifestyle everyday. Let’s do something out of the norm. Join our club. Find some interesting places to meet up with other members to play the board games and let intrigue people find out what it is all about.

New Millennial kids

Visit www.youtube.com ‘Conversation Master Board Game’ to view some of the talented young conversation masters playing the game.


Organisation who invests in the board games will:
  • Get support in running the board game workshops
  • Share the ideas of the development of the club in our network

    No idea of what to incorporate into your holiday programme? How about running the board game classes during the school holidays? No photocopy cost and no materials to be prepared. It is very easy to run. Students on the other hand can benefit from improving their English while having fun.

    Committee members

    We have a few new posts for committee members to offer to our active members. Holding responsibility can improve your leadership skills and your ability to work as a team.


    For students who want to improve their English, this is a society for you to support your life- long journey towards success. Being part of us gives you the motivation to work towards vision of ‘success’. Being a member, you are carrying the name of ‘Conversation Master’. This reminds you to do self-improvement to become a good communicator.

    Our Membership card

    Membership enjoys the privilege of being given discounts on future products and extra support that we offer. Below is the sample of identity card which can be produced when meeting up with other members to play the game.

    Our Non-Woven bag

    Penang is declared as ‘No Plastic bag day’ on Monday and Thurs. Soon there will be more local authorities in other states announcing the same campaign. Our club is Environmental compliance. We encourage our member to have the social responsibility.

    Looking for non-woven bags around? Try our trendy non-woven bags. It gives you the professional look. You can carry it to work and put miscellaneous things inside. The colour ‘chocolate’ can match just any clothes that you wear.

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